Postal Police? Pulsar Is….

Alright guys, Pulsar here and you were probably wondering why the heck was this guy writing in third person like if he was the Rock or something from WWE but it was just a little experiment I had and wanted to see what my family and friends thought about it…

Well truth was that they hated it and they said I just need to stick to my day job which is delivering mail. Well I honestly don’t hate it like some people think I would and I enjoy the daily routine. My goal however, is to own my own shipping store and I think I would be great at it because I know so much about the postal service and I’m currently looking into my options.

I mean why not right? My good friend just started a towing service so why the hell can’t I get a postal store opened up. I mean those UPS stores absolutely suck in customer service and they are so slow! I went into one the other day to check out the competition and sure enough just what I thought, horrible customer service and the girl at the front didn’t know what the heck she was doing! I understand that not everyone is OCD when it comes to proper mail service and I guess that’s why I have worked as a postal service guy so long.

Anyways, I do believe that I do have what it takes t o be successful in the postal business and with the help of my family and friends, I know that I could open a kick ass store! Alright so now on to the drawing board! I shall keep you guys updated on my postal domination plans!