Meet Pulsar…

Though we are living in the internet era, yet mail delivery has become part of our life. Still, there are many people around us who send posts manually. A mail delivery person plays a vital role in the society. People working different profession have their own routine from the time they get up till they go to bed and the same applies to a mail delivery person as well.

Here is a daily schedule of a mail delivery guy named Pulsar. Let’s go through it-

At 8:00 am, I swipe into my work. Inspect the vehicle that i’m  supposed to drive for work. Go back to the office and take the scanner. The clerk will have to sort out the letters which have to be done manually. So, he takes 10minutes break until everything is sorted out. Then collects the letters to be distributed based on the class, i.e. first class letters (important letters, bills, and regular mail), second class letters (magazines) and third-class letters (advertisements and bulk mail). Then, he collects all the sorted out mails, u-cart, arrow key (used to unlock the mailbox units) and accountable. Loads everything into the vehicle and the pulsar hit the road, Grab any of the mail which is cleared out lately by the clerk and pull down to your route and delivery to your address. All the mails of one route have been sorted out as per its delivery order and starts mail delivery process.

Pulsar noon effective routine

At 1:00 pm, I Pulsar finish my morning session work and takes a half-an-hour lunch break and relaxes for a while and starts continuing mail delivery. At 3:00 pm, he takes 10-minute coffee/ tea break.

At 4:15 pm: Finish my routine and drive back to the office. After reaching the office, I unload the materials and drop off the outgoing mail. Then he sends all the CFS (computer forwarding system) mail out and drops the return to the sender mail like IA (insufficient address), NSN (no such number), UTF (unable to forward) and other such works. Then drop off the dog spray as well as LLV key. Swipe out from the office from his current day work and move towards his house and get relax from the hectic day schedule.

This is the day schedule of a mail delivery guy Pulsar.

If you are interested in this job, the basic criteria that you must possess are you must be physically fit and reliable. If you satisfy these criteria, then this job is suitable for you.

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