Meet Pulsar Part 2.0…

A postman/mail delivery guy is a government with great responsibility. He goes out on work for delivering letters, articles as well as money orders. Regardless of the climatic condition, he works during the scorching heat of summer and chilling cold winds of winter. He goes to work, even when it is raining heavily. He is the person who is anxiously awaited by all.

Every individual working in the different profession has their own daily life and same with mail delivery guy pulsar who works as a rural postman.

Pulsar gets up early in the morning about 5 am and get fresh up, get dressed in postman uniform. Eat a bowl of cornflakes and cup of coffee. Pick up his bait bag and leave for work. At 6:00 he gets ready for work on his pushbike. Sign into work at 8 and start working. Sort out the emails as per the area. Pick out the posts and start putting into his bag for delivery. Load all the posts into his vehicle .At 8:30 am Pulsar holds a brief talk with the manager (Pulsar can expect a chance for a cup of coffee) and set out for his round.

Pulsar has got his day planning

Then he speaks to 2-3 people since the beginning good morning is a good start for the day. At this time, there is a chance for the pulsar to have a gossip with the local people and also for a cup of coffee. Back to work again. Listening to radio on the calls, A few more greetings from the customers, since pulsar is a mail delivery guy in a rural area, farmers and the gardeners comment on the dry weather. At 11:00 am, a normal cup of coffee would not be available. He parks his vehicle next to the wood and has his Tiffin and continues with his work.

At 1:00 pm, Pulsar unloads the van at the office premises and sort out the posts which have already arrived for tomorrow and leaves home for lunch. At 1:15 pm, Pulsar cycles home and had his lunch and returns back to work. He then receives a bundle of letters and delivers them back to their addresses.

At 4:00 pm, his day’s work comes to an end. Returns undelivered letters back to the office and sign out from this work and return back to home.

Thus, he is very punctual and regular to his work.